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8 Best UK Recruitment Agencies for Foreign Workers 2022

April 24, 2022


Best UK Recruitment Agencies That Recruit Foreign Workers

1) MCK Recruitment

MCK Recruitment specialises in staffing the global village by successfully bringing job seekers and client companies together. They offer personalised relocation services to successful candidates ensuring a stress-free career move to the UK.

MCK recruits both candidates from abroad on behalf of successful UK companies and also recruit nationally.

Areas of Expertise: Logistics, IT, Finance, Health Sector

Contact: +44 (0)7375 547469,,  MCK Recruitment Woodbridge Crescent Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3LN, United Kingdom

2) Adecco

Through Adecco, thousands of workers have gained employment across 60+ countries; they’ve been able to transfer more than 30,000 people to a new work position from different countries in the last 10 years. Over the years, they’ve demonstrated knowledge is harnessing industry needs with consultant strengths in other to fulfil international recruitment abroad.

Areas of Speciality: The recruitment company can find skilled people for roles of different levels, from the operational level to the top management.

Contact: +358 46 710 2500

Language training and relocation services, such as arranging accommodation and travel, taking care of matters relating to the authorities and introduction into working life are arranged by the recruiting company.

3) Theflamelily                                                  

The Flame Lily offers healthcare recruitment solutions for various private clients and the NHS. They operate globally sourcing quality candidates to meet employer’s specifications. Working with Agencies within and outside the EU allows them to offer tailor-made packages to staffing needs.  Hence, they place all sorts of professionals who want to be employed in the UK, Ireland and Scotland.

Areas of Speciality: Doctors, Nurses, Allied Professionals, I.T Technicians and Specialists.

Contact: 03334560120, UK Headoffice: The House of The Flame Lily HQ 144 Penn Road, Wolverhampton, WV3 0EE United Kingdom.

4) Airswift

A dedicated employment agency delivering talent acquisition and global employment outsourcing solutions. Whether you’re looking for full time or temporary work, Airswift can help you find a job that perfectly matches your skillset. Airswift offers contingent and permanent job opportunities as well as support with international relocation.

Areas of Speciality: Energy, Process, Infrastructure, Technology.

Contact: Offices in multiple countries across 6 continents (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, North America).

5) Skills Provision International

Skills provision is an employment network that provides extensive international employment solutions. They are based in the United Kingdom with one of their core areas being the global supply of remote workers.

Areas of Speciality: Remote jobs, European job vacancies.

Contact: +44 (0) 2079890750, Somerset, United Kingdom

6) Antanal

Antal was founded in London (UK) in 1993, and today they have over 60 Antal recruitment offices across the Europe. Antanal provides recruitment solutions with over 130 physical offices in 37 countries, with an unmatched understanding of local markets and cultures. Whether you’re looking for the next step in your career or want to hire talent for your company, they’re readily available to assist your recruitment needs on a local or global scale.

Contact: +44 (0)207 467 2520,, 64 Baker Street, London, W1U 7GB, United Kingdom

7) Pearl Recruitment

Pearls  is an established independent medical, nursing and care recruitment agency, operating globally, sourcing and placing physicians, nurses and allied health professionals, in the UK, the EU, and around the world.

Area of Expertise: Qualified Nurses Consultants and Physicians, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Medical Technologists, Allied Health Care Workers, Health Care Assistants, Senior Care Assistants, Support Workers Managers and Deputy Managers, Live-In Care Staff, Domiciliary Care Staff, Domestic Staff for Care Homes

Contact: 01752 237637,, Foliot House, Nursery Close, Plymouth, Devon PL5 4QG United Kingdom

8) Alliance Recruitment Agency

Are you looking for dependable UK recruitment agencies that recruit foreign workers? Alliance International works with employers and job seekers offering reliable manpower recruitment services.

They are one of the reliable recruitment agencies in Leicester, United Kingdom.

Conclusion: How to Use the Best UK Recruitment Agencies That Recruit Foreign Workers

  • Make initial contact (sign up on their platform/call by phone/send your CV and a cover letter by email).
  • Explain your job interest.
  • Highlight your core skills and qualifications.
  • Some recruitment agency might book an appointment for some informal interview, in person, to assess your situation and discuss your career plans – although many will also allow you to walk in and sign up. Ensure you make a good first impression.
  • You could be requested to sit for skill tests to determine your level of spelling and IT literacy. After which the agency will determine if you’re fit to be added to their database.
  • Even after making it to their database, make it a habit to stay in touch with them. You could also use the opportunity to build rapport with some of their staff on LinkedIn.
  • When opportunities come, act on their advice.
  • Be ready for interviews at any time, and ask for feedback from your consultant after each one.
  • If you’re using an agency to find temporary work, accept any reasonable job offers as this gives you the chance to show that you can meet employers’ needs.

Australia New Migration Program 2022-23

April 09, 2022

Migration Program planning levels

​​The 2022-23 Migration Program has been designed to boost Australia’s economic recovery and drive social cohesion outcomes in the post-pandemic environment. The 2022-23 Migration Program will have a planning level of 160,000 places with the following composition:

  • Skill (109,900 places) – this stream is designed to improve the productive capacity of the economy and fill skill shortages in the labour market, including those in regional Australia.
  • Family (50,000 places) – this stream is predominantly made up of Partner visas, enabling Australians to reunite with family members from overseas and provide them with pathways to citizenship.
    • From 2022-23, Partner visas will be granted on a demand driven basis to facilitate family reunification. This will help reduce the Partner visa pipeline and processing times for many applicants.
    • 40,500 Partner visas are estimated for 2022-23 for planning purposes, noting this estimate is not subject to a ceiling.
    • 3000 Child visas are estimated for 2022-23 for planning purposes, noting this category is demand driven and not subject to a ceiling.
  • Special Eligibility (100 places) – this stream covers visas for those in special circumstances, including permanent residents returning to Australia after a period overseas.

The Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs can redistribute places between Skill stream visa categories on an ongoing basis to respond to changing economic conditions as they occur.

Migration Program planning levels as announced as part of the 2021-22 and 2022-23 Federal Budgets

Visa Stream

Visa Category




Employer Sponsored




Skilled Independent








State/Territory Nominated




Business Innovation & Investment




Global Talent (Independent)




Distinguished Talent



Skill Total




(Demand driven: estimate, not subject to a ceiling)








(Demand driven: estimate, not subject to a ceiling)




Other Family



Family Total



Special Eligibility**



Total Migration Program 



*Planning levels for these categories are estimates only as they are demand driven and not subject to a ceiling.
**The total for the Family stream in 2021-22 does not include the Child category. For planning purposes both Child and Partner visa categories are counted towards the total Family stream in 2022-23. 

Program size an​d composition

The size and composition of the Migration Program is set each year alongside the Australian Government’s Budget process.

To inform the planning levels and policy settings of the 2022-23 Migration Program, the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) consulted widely with state and territory governments, representatives of academia, industry, unions and community organisations between November and December 2021.

The Department also invited public submissions as part of the 2022-23 Migration Program planning process. This process has now closed. See Australia's 2022-23 Migration Program for additional information.

Public submissions, economic and labour force forecasts, international research, net overseas migration and economic and fiscal modelling are all taken into account when planning the program.

For further information on the 2022-23 Migration Program, please see our Frequently Asked Questions​ (213KB PDF).

State and Territory nominated visa categories – ​2021-22* nomination allocations

*Please note that nomination allocations for the 2022-23 Program year are forthcoming.

​​Under the 2021-22 Migration Program settings, nomination allocations are made available to States and Territories in the following visa categories:

  • Skilled – Nominated (sub​class 190)
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (subclass 491)
  • Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP)

States and Territories each assess eligible applicants against criteria unique to their jurisdiction.

Australia Agriculture Visa

March 30, 2022

How will the process of approving employers be managed under Agriculture Visa program?

The Agriculture Visa is a managed (sponsored) visa. ­

  • Employers directly recruiting employees from overseas will need to be approved to participate in the program and as a Temporary Activity Sponsor (TAS) under the Migration Regulations 1994. For more information on TAS see: Become a sponsor Temporary activities sponsor ( ­
  • Under portability arrangements, employers who wish to employ agriculture visa holders who are already in Australia need to be approved to participate in the program but are not required to be a TAS.

All participating employers will have to meet a series of requirements including:

      1. becoming an Approved Employer under the Agriculture Visa program by:

  1. showing evidence that they are currently an Approved Employer under the PALM Scheme; OR
  2. showing evidence that they are currently accredited under an endorsed industry accreditation scheme, with a financial solvency and Fair Work Ombudsman workplace compliance history check; OR
  3. applying to become an approved employer under the Agriculture Visa program application process, with a financial solvency and Fair Work Ombudsman workplace compliance history check.

      2. signing a Deed of Agreement. Following approval, employers will sign a Deed of Agreement with DFAT that sets out their obligations as                  participants in the program including employee protections, conditions and standards.

Once employers are approved to participate in the Agriculture Visa program and have signed the Deed of Agreement, the process of recruiting employees under the Agriculture Visa involves: ­

  • providing evidence to DFAT of labour market testing; ­
  • submitting a recruitment plan and an accommodation and transport plan to DFAT; ­
  • providing employees with an offer of employment that sets out information about the nature of the employment, pay and conditions and any portability arrangements; ­
  • managing recruitment arrangements in line with program guidelines (note: predeparture briefing will be provided to visa holders that includes information on life, culture and workplace rights in Australia and rights and obligations under the Agriculture visa program}. ­
  • after these requirements have been met, employers must:
  1. arrange visas and travel for employees;
  2. offer DFAT-approved accommodation options
  3. provide an on-arrival briefing, invite the Fair Work Ombudsman and the relevant union representative to be present.

Compliance and monitoring arrangements will be key to the program’s implementation.

What are the requirements to apply for Agriculture Visa program 2021/2022?

Initial applications from workers to participate in the Agricultural Visa program will need to be completed offshore.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be able to participate in the Agriculture Visa program: ­

  • have the necessary skills to perform in the occupation in which they are being employed (where relevant); ­
  • have minimum English language skills IELTS of 4.0 overall or equivalent (or higher when the specific occupation requires it); ­
  • be unaccompanied (participants will not be able to bring family members); ­
  • meet the minimum age requirement of 21 years of agewith no maximum age requirement;  
  • being sponsored to Australia by a Temporary Activities Sponsor (TAS) who is an employer approved by DFAT to participate in the program;
  • being supported by DFAT to participate in the program;
  • meeting all character and health requirements; and
  • having adequate health insurance for the period of stay in Australia.

You must meet the following requirements when you apply for the Agriculture visa:

  • proof of intention to perform agricultural work for the bulk of your time in Australia;
  • proof of any skills you have in agriculture or food/textile processing facilities.

You should be outside of Australia when you submit the visa and when the visa is granted.

What sectors and skills are covered by the Agriculture Visa program?

There over a hundred types of farm jobs for agricultural visitors. Most of these positions are picking, packing and processing of fruits such as blueberries, mangoes and citrus. Opportunities depending on your skills and experience could include:

  • Dairy farming;
  • Cotton harvesting;
  • Vegetable picking;
  • Livestock care;
  • Medicinal marijuana farming;
  • Solar farming;
  • Grain harvesting;
  • Meat processing;
  • Commercial fishing;
  • Forestry maintenance
  1. The Agriculture Visa program will target skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled employees within specified occupations across these sectors.
  2. In the initial phase, recruitment will focus on lower skilled occupations, and this will be expanded as the program evolves.
  3. Employees must have the experience and/or qualifications to commence work at the skill level and occupation for which they are recruited (where relevant).

Will the Agriculture Visa program have a maximum number of overseas employees?

It was planned by National party that Agriculture Visa program will be uncapped  in the number of agricultural workers who can come in Australia from ASEAN countries. With its fear of people smugglers and undermining of the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme, It has been limited to only 1000 workers as of now

Caps will be reviewed annually in consultation with sending countries which will be linked to annual migration review

  • This will help build up the agriculture workforce demand and supply gap without humiliating other schemes or reduce illegal activities from outside the country.
  • Final decisions will be made by the Australian Government

Will employees be able to move between employers?

  • Yes, portability between different approved employers will be a feature of the program for the seasonal cohort. Initially, portability will need to be agreed prior to workers’ arrival in Australia. Other models will be explored as the program expands.
  • The program will enable employees under the seasonal cohort to move between approved employers, under an arrangement approved by DFAT, during their period of stay. It can be up to 4 years for visa holders in the long-term cohort
  • The design seeks to benefit both employers and employees, and the informed consent of employees is fundamental: 
    • Employees must agree to each movement upfront, prior to movement, and sign a letter of offer outlining role, location, pay and conditions.
    • Portability provides employers with access to workers for short-term periods and assists them to manage seasonal work demands.
  • As the program evolves, further models for portability will be explored and tested with stakeholders with a review of portability arrangements to occur after the first year of program implementation.

Can Agriculture Visa holders apply for permanent residency?

The Agriculture visa will provide a long-term, reliable workforce to support ongoing growth of Australia’s critical agricultural industries as they strive to reach $100 billion in value by 2030.

The Government has committed to creating options for permanent residence pathwaysfor participants in the program, including regional settlement, acknowledging that this will involve further consultation and design work.

The Government will make announcements on permanent residence pathways in due course.

Canadian PR with work experience in a job that is classified under NOC C or D.

March 27, 2022

The Express Entry system is the main way Canada welcomes economic-class immigrants. The programs managed by Express Entry are only for workers in NOC 0, A, and B occupations.

However, there are a number of immigration programs that are primarily concerned with filling labour shortages, which include occupations classified under NOC C and D. In recent years, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) and the Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs) have been focusing on NOC C and D immigration applicants. This was seen in the Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence (TR to PR) pathways, which the Canadian government created to help admit immigrants during the pandemic.

NOC C occupations may require a high school diploma, while NOC D occupations generally call for on-the-job training. Some examples of NOC C occupations include butchers, truck drivers, and servers, while NOC D occupations include fruit pickers, cleaning staff, and oil field workers.

Without further ado, here are some of the pathways to permanent residence for people with job offers and work experience in NOC C and D.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) was created to allow Canadian provinces and territories make their own immigration programs tailored to their economic and population growth strategies. The PNP includes most of Canada’s provinces and territories with the exceptions of Quebec and Nunavut.

The participating provinces have programs that offer pathways for applicants who work in NOC C and D occupations. Here is a list with links to descriptions on each of these programs.

60 Countries where Indian can travel without a visa with Indian Passport

January 20, 2022
The Henley Passport Index lists 198 passports and 226 destinations worldwide.

In 2022, Oman and Armenia have found their place in the list of countries that Indians can travel to without a prior visa.

India has the 83rd most powerful passport in the world as per the Henley Passport Index: Q1 2022 Global Ranking.

The Indian passport is far more powerful than the passports of the neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

The Indian passport gives you visa-free access to 60 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and Oceania.

Having visa-free access not only makes your travel cheaper but also much easier. You save a whole lot of time by not having to run to travel agents or queueing up at Embassies and Consulates.

The most popular travel destinations among Indians are in Asia itself. Popular destinations like Thailand, Maldives, Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan, Mauritius and Sri Lanka either provide visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry.

Data shows that Indian passport holders can get a visa-on-arrival in Indonesia with a maximum stay of 30 days. South Africa is also introducing an online visa pilot for Indian tourists.

Where can I travel without a visa on an Indian passport in 2022?

If you hold an Indian passport, you do not need a prior visa for these countries:

Asia Armenia
Cambodia (visa on arrival)
Macau (SAR China)
Maldives (visa on arrival)
Myanmar (visa on arrival)
Laos (visa on arrival)
Thailand (visa on arrival)
Timor-Leste (visa on arrival)
Sri Lanka (visa on arrival)
AmericaEl Salvador
Bolivia (visa on arrival)
Middle East Armenia (visa on arrival)
Jordan (visa on arrival)
Iran (visa on arrival)
OceaniaCook Islands
Marshall Islands (visa on arrival)
Palau Islands (visa on arrival)
Samoa (visa on arrival)
Tuvalu (visa on arrival)
Caribbean Barbados
British Virgin Islands
Kitts and Nevis
Lucia (visa on arrival)
Trinidad and Tobago
Vincent and the Grenadines
AfricaComoros (visa on arrival)
Cape Verde Islands (visa on arrival)
Ethiopia (visa on arrival)
Gabon (visa on arrival)
Guinea-Bissau (visa on arrival)
Kenya (visa on arrival)
Madagascar (visa on arrival)
Mauritania (visa on arrival)
Mozambique (visa on arrival)
Rwanda (visa on arrival)
Seychelles (visa on arrival)
Sierra Leone (visa on arrival)
Somalia (visa on arrival)
Tanzania (visa on arrival)
Togo (visa on arrival)
Uganda (visa on arrival)
Zimbabwe (visa on arrival)

These Places in USA will pay you to move there

September 09, 2021


Do you get paid to live in Alaska?

Yes! Alaska will pay you approximately $1,600 to live there!

Simply put, Alaska needs people. So much so that they offer numerous grants and tax incentives to make you an Alaskan. The Permanent Fund Dividend is a perfect example. Residents who remain in the state for a dividend year receive $1,600.

Moving to Alaska

There are more perks to becoming an Alaskan. There is no state tax, which feels like a warm welcome compared to the high bracket states like California. The state is also a center for some of the world’s best seafood, glorious northern lights and pretty much any outdoor activity.



In an effort to bring in younger residents to the state, Vermont is offering financial incentives that focus on remote workers. The Remote Worker Grant offers up to $10,000 in relocation expenses. If you have remote working capabilities and want a new a change of scenery, Vermont is waiting.

Moving to Vermont

The natural setting of Vermont appeals to anyone looking to escape an urban backdrop. Vermont is also a hub for craft beer, artisanal cheese and farmer’s markets. But be fooled by the quaint countryside, Vermont boasts a thriving nightlife of clubs and concert halls.


Newton, Iowa

The city of Newton goes to extra lengths to get residents to settle into their community long-term. They offer up to $10,000 cash to new homebuyers and throw in a welcome package of over $3,000.

The incentive also applies to new home construction as well giving anyone looking to plant down roots in the opportunity to build a dream home. The median cost of a home in Newton is just over $105,000, making it attractively affordable over most coastal cities.

Moving to Newton, Iowa

This peaceful community offers a great place to raise a family with a lot of kid-friendly things to do. Attractions like the Iowa Speedway, museums and a botanical garden in the heart of farm country may be appealing to those ready to flee the congested burbs or city.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Like Vermont, the city of Tulsa is looking to inject new life into their state with remote worker incentives. They offer a $10,000 relocation award along with a $1,000 housing stipend. The payment is made over the course of a year and there are other eligibility requirements.

Moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma

Why move to Tulsa? Most residents will boast about the low cost of living. Housing is inexpensive. The oil-rich state ensures a stable and robust economy, which keeps expenses like shopping and dining out low.

North Platte, Nebraska

Focused on economic development, North Platte knows more residents means a stronger economy. That’s why they match signing bonuses for new hires up to $5000. That extra cash goes far in a city with an exceptionally low cost of living.

Moving to North Platte, Nebraska

North Platte offers a lot of benefits as a mid-sized city including diversity and affordability.

Are you a computer programmer? Then Chattanooga wants you. The city is looking to bolster its tech population. They already boast a citywide gigabyte network to support a thriving tech sector.

They just need to attract more tech professionals. Their Geek Move program (that’s really what it’s called) offers computer developers $1,250 in relocation expenses and a $10,000 forgivable mortgage.

Moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee

The draw of big city life is losing its luster with young people. Affordable housing and livability scores now make new locales attractive. Chattanooga is listed as one of the top 20 cities for young homebuyers.

If you love the great outdoors, then there is a lot to love in Tennessee. The Tennessee River and mountains are nearby for hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking. Downtown Chattanooga also offers lots of things to do, including a thriving arts scene, restaurants and shopping and family-friendly attractions like the Tennessee Aquarium and the River Pier.

Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton, Ohio is smart to recognize that student loans are undercutting growth for college graduates. That’s why they offer resident incentives of up to $10,000 to college grads to relocate.

The money is paid out incrementally over the year. The goal is to help you pay down those debts while discovering a great and affordable place to live. But there are eligibility requirements. Among several qualifications, those applying for the Talent Attraction program must have graduated within the past seven years from a STEAM program (one focused on science, technology, engineering, the arts or mathematics).

Moving to Hamilton, Ohio

Lots of family-friendly activities along with affordability make Hamilton a great place to work and play. Low cost of living, especially with the relocation incentives, make buying a new home a real possibility. The quaint city is also known for many festivals and recreational events.

Lincoln, Kansas

Looking to build your dream home? You may want to lay your foundation in Lincoln. The city is offering free land for new homebuilders. Lots ranging in size from 12,000 to 35,000 square feet are offered for free to anyone willing to establish roots in their town.

There are set guidelines and time restrictions for new building projects under the program, but they are well worth the chance to take that dream home from blueprints to construction.

Moving to Lincoln, Kansas

Quality of life and low costs are making Lincoln an appealing place to start a family. Good schools, little crime and ample outdoors are a breath of fresh air for recent college grads and new families. Say goodbye to big city life.



If you graduated from any college or university in the US from 2016 on, then Maine has moving opportunities. They offer a tax credit depending on graduation year and degree type that saves big on your student loans.

Moving to Maine

A booming restaurant scene and breath-taking locations like Acadia National Park make Maine an option for those looking for new locale.