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July 15, 2020
Visa Application
Once you have received professional immigration advice and know the visa options that are available to you, we advance onto the next step in your migration journey i.e applying for your visa.

At BNC Universe, we are experts at preparing, lodging and managing the visa application process on our clients’ behalf. We have previously lodged hundreds of successful applications and worked on a number of complex cases.

If you choose to engage with BNC Universe for lodging your Visa Application, we will:
1. Provide you with the relevant paperwork checklists, forms and guidelines.
2. Assist you in the collection and preparation of all information and documentation required in support of your visa application.
3. Lodge any incidental applications as required. (such as Student Admissions, Skills Assessments, Expressions of Interest, State Sponsorship applications etc.)
4. Provide guidance in obtaining overseas Health Insurance, Police Clearances and Medical Examinations.
5. Lodge your visa application with the Department of Immigration on your behalf.
6. Lodge relevant submissions (such as condition waivers, requests for worker rights and applications for visa requirement exemptions etc.)
7. Communicate with the Department of Immigration and handle any issues or requests that may arise later.

Guided Application
At BNC Universe, we provide our clients with Guided Application Services. We will assess your circumstances and provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to complete and submit your application correctly.

We will advise you on the collection and collation of any supporting documentation you need, and assist with your questions for lodging your visa application.

You will have unlimited access to online support where you can ask a migration consultant about all your visa related queries.

Do you want additional help while lodging your personal visa application? At BNC Universe, we will provide you a cost-effective way to get you started on the right path.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Our Charges:

1. Charges for Resume/CV/Cover Letter: 500/- Rupees for each (In Advance and Non-Refundable) 

2. Our Service Charges for Student Visa: 10,000/- Rupees (Rs 5000 as Advance -Non Refundable and Rs 5000 After visa)

3. Our Service Charges for Work Permit: 20,000/- Rupees (Rs 5000 as Advance -Non Refundable and Rs 15000 After visa)
4. Our Service Charges for PR: 20,000/- Rupees (5000 as Advance and Non-Refundable and 15,000/- Rupees After Visa)

5. Our Service Charges for Visit Visa: Rs 2500/- Rupees (In Advance and Non Refundable)

(Note: This above-mentioned charge does not include visa fees, document courier charges, employment registration fees, air ticket. These are only the charges for handling your file.)

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