List of Recruitment Agencies for UK Seasonal Workers

For recruiting seasonal workers in the UK, several agencies specialize in providing labor for various sectors, including agriculture and horticulture. Here are some notable options:

1. HOPS Labour Solutions: HOPS is a well-established agency that recruits seasonal agricultural workers for British farms. They have a strong focus on ethical recruitment and ensuring a positive experience for both workers and employers. HOPS recruits from several countries including various EU nations, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan [oai_citation:1,Home | HOPS ](

2. Concordia: Concordia is a charity that recruits seasonal labor for the UK agricultural sector, emphasizing cross-cultural understanding and thorough preparation of workers. They collaborate with overseas agents to ensure workers are well-suited and prepared for their roles [oai_citation:2,Seasonal Work | Concordia Charity](

3. Pro-Force: This agency is also focused on recruiting agricultural workers and is known for its compliance with legal and ethical standards. They offer a range of recruitment services tailored to the needs of the agricultural sector [oai_citation:3,Finding seasonal labour | AHDB](

4. AG Recruitment & Management: AG Recruitment specializes in supplying seasonal labor for the horticulture sector, ensuring that all recruits meet the necessary legal and operational standards [oai_citation:4,Finding seasonal labour | AHDB](

5. Fruitful Jobs: This agency recruits for various seasonal roles within agriculture and horticulture, providing both UK and international workers to meet the seasonal demands of farms [oai_citation:5,Finding seasonal labour | AHDB](

These agencies ensure compliance with UK labor laws and work closely with the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) to protect workers' rights and prevent exploitation. When selecting an agency, ensure they hold the necessary GLAA license and have a reputation for ethical practices.

For further details or to start the recruitment process, you can visit their respective websites:

- [HOPS Labour Solutions](

- [Concordia](

- [Pro-Force](

- [AG Recruitment & Management](

- [Fruitful Jobs](


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