Chicken Factory Jobs in Poland

September 10, 2020
Chicken factory Jobs

Vacancy id: 14953

Location: Warsaw; Gdansk; official employment

Good physical condition is recommended for this vacancy. Without bad habits. 

Job experience is not required

Requirements: men, women, age 20-55 years old. 

Duties: This position is responsible for cutting and trimming chicken to size for display or as ordered by the customer and places chicken in containers to be wrapped by other workers. Maintaining the cleanliness of the working station, cutting, and prep equipment. Quality control of chicken.

Average rate: from 10 PLN per hour (net); Monthly salary: 2800 PLN -3400 PLN (≈700$-900$).

Work schedule: 8-12 hours, Mon-Sat (Sunday-weekend). Extra day-off is available upon request. 

Hostel-like accommodation (rooms for 3-4 people) covered by the employer. Free working clothes provided. 
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